Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Governor of Washington

Funny thing, elections. Democrats want to count every vote and make sure nobody is disenfranchised. Republicans want to stop counting as soon as they are ahead.

Gregoire appears to be our next governor. I'm not fond of her, but she's better than Rossi. I wasn't exactly enamored of Rossi to begin with, but when he made the utterly insane statement that if he were behind by only 42 votes in the automatic recount that he wouldn't demand a hand recount, I knew him for a lying hypocrite and didn't want him as governor. Only a complete moron would concede if they were behind by only 42 counts after the automatic recount, especially when state law allows for one more recount.

As for the possibility of the election being stolen... I don't think so. King County has an annoying history of being really screwed up in the elections division, and the votes that were brought in and counted, the ones that didn't even make a difference because Gregoire had already won by 10 votes, were all valid ballots that were only disqualified because of mistakes by the elections officials. The same thing happened in several other counties, and THOSE VOTES WERE COUNTED TOO!

As one observer said, if Rossi had concentrated his efforts on other counties, making sure that every ballot was counted elsewhere, instead of trying to keep King County from counting every valid ballot, perhaps it would have made a difference. I doubt it, but perhaps.

Funny thing, elections. It's nice to see the Republican strategy finally bite them on the butt. Hopefully we'll see more of that, as more angry voters refuse to be disenfranchised by thugs.