Wednesday, June 08, 2005

If I'm Counting Right...

...and I may not be, but if I am counting right, I've got just $300 left to raise until I can walk in the 3-Day. That's just 20 people giving $15 each. I'm really almost there. I still have the drawing that people can participate in. But the deadline for donations is looming. If you want to mail in a check, you need to send it by June 14th, that's just six more days. If you want to donate on-line with a credit card, you've got until July 7th... under a month now. The Walk itself is just six weeks away. SIX WEEKS. AND THEN I'LL BE WALKING 60 MILES IN 3 DAYS. WHAT KIND OF INSANE PERSON AM I, ANYWAY?!?? Ahem. I'm almost there. Only $300 left to go.

Please Donate

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