Tuesday, June 07, 2005

More Politics

Rossi couldn't resist a swipe at the state supreme court after losing his battle with prejudice when every single one of his charges turned out to be false. Instead of bowing out gracefully, Rossi whined that he was conceding "because of the political makeup of the Washington State Supreme Court". In other words, Rossi believes the non-partisan judges on the Supreme Court are stacked against him.

Whine whine whine. That's all Rossi has done since the final recount. This from the man who said that if HE were behind after the second recount that he wouldn't demand a third recount and would bow out gracefully. He's been anything but graceful since. He's a hypocrite and a sore loser and I'm really glad he's not the governor now.

I mean, good grief... the Republican secretary of state certified the elections, Rossi's team hand-picked a Republican-leaning judge to hear their arguments in a Republican stronghold county, and then Vance and Rossi cherry-picked their evidence to try to prove a lie... and they still have the gall to act like something unfair has happened and accuse the state supreme court, which had nothing to do with this decision, of being partisan.

Rossi owes the entire state an apology for his childish behavior. We'll never get it, but he certainly owes it.

Hopefully, attention will now turn to fixing the problems in the election system, and not just in King County as the Democrats turned up proof of bigger problems (with regards to percentage of population) in other counties during the trial. I'm all for election reform. Let's start by abolishing this notion of "Election Day", a working day on which people are expected to somehow squeeze a trip to an unfamiliar building to vote into a regular day. Either make election day a holiday or give people more time to vote, like a week or something. Next thing to abolish is voting machines that don't have a human-readable paper trail. If an ATM machine can give you a receipt then voting machines better be able to produce one too. But that's all topics for another post, so I'll leave it alone for now.

In other news, Kerry finally releases his records and, guess what? They say exactly what he said they would say, including commendations from the same veterans who later claimed he was an awful soldier. Why didn't Kerry release the files during the campaign? Because Kerry is not very politically astute, apparently. Someone said that Republicans are really good at running campaigns and lousy at running the country, while Democrats are really lousy at running campaigns but pretty good at running the county. Kerry possibly fits the pattern. Now, let's see shrubya release his full records, and prove that he didn't desert during wartime.

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