Sunday, January 22, 2006

An Illustration Of How The Media Has Failed Us

From Media Matters.

Lying about sex:
On January 22, the day after The Washington Post first broke the Lewinsky story, the paper ran ... a total of 11 articles, written by or using contributions from at least 20 reporters, and comprising 11,844 words dedicated to allegations that the president lied about a consensual relationship.

The New York Times gave the story similar treatment....a total of eight articles, written by at least eight reporters, comprising 9,044 words.
Spitting on the Constitution with Illegal Warrentless Wiretaps:
Now, here's what the Post did on December 17 -- the day after the initial disclosure of the Bush administration's use of the National Security Agency (NSA) to conduct domestic surveillance that has been widely described as an illegal trampling of the Constitution.... Three articles, eight reporters, 3,227 words -- and that's generously including the USA Patriot Act article in the tally.

And from the Times, which had broken the NSA story the day before.... two articles, four reporters, 3,076 words.
You think we have an objective media? HA! The media is heavily slanted toward being a Republican propaganda machine. The only reason anyone ever believes the stupid "liberal media" lie is because the Republicans keep repeating it. Say it enough times and people will start believing it.

The media isn't liberal, the media is owned by rich Republicans, and that's who they support in their overwhelmingly slanted coverage. Otherwise, Shrubya's crimes would be obvious to the nation, and he'd already be rotting in prison where he belongs with the rest of his gang of liars, thieves, war profiteers, and murderers.

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