Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Murtha's Plan

MyDD recently paid for a poll, done by a non-partisan polling company, with specific questions that most polls don't use. So far, the results were exactly as expected, but today's release stunned me. Look at Question 15:
A new troop deployment plan was proposed recently. The plan is to withdraw US troops from Iraq but to keep them close by in neighboring countries like Kuwait to be sent back in if they are needed to maintain civil order. Do you, strongly support, support, oppose or strongly oppose this new troop deployment plan for Iraq?
This is Congressman John Murtha's plan on troop deployment, developed with help of some of his friends in the Pentagon. This is the real plan, not the stupid mis-representation of his plan by neocon scum.

What surprised me was the amount of support across the board for this plan. Supposedly, Republicans hated the plan, called it "cutting and running". But when they are actually polled about it, and given the real plan, they overwhelmingly support it. In fact, Republicans support the plan MORE than Democrats!

It makes me think that maybe our congresscritters ought to take a second, and more serious, look at the idea put forward by the most conservative of Democrat Congressmen.

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