Monday, January 02, 2006

Worse than 9/11

Via Hit and Run:
What's the worst thing that Al-Qaida can do to America? We have probably already seen it. Of course, the government can talk about bigger things, like the use of weapons of mass destruction, to justify its use of totalitarian tactics.

I would much rather live as a free man under the highly improbable threat of another significant Al-Qaida attack than I would as a serf, spied on by an oppressive government that can jail me secretly, without charges. If the Patriot Act defines the term "patriot," then I am certainly not one.

By far, our own government is a bigger threat to our freedom than any possible menace posed by Al-Qaida.
Go read the full article. As soon as we lose our freedom, the terrorists have won.

The most disgusting thing about the latest unconstitutional act by the so-called President is that he already had the authority to place wiretaps and such, with the only caveat being that he get it rubber-stamped by a secret court that had only turned down five requests while accepting tens of thousands. What kind of wiretaps would he want to hide from his rubber-stamping secret court? Certainly if the wiretaps were legal and would protect the nation, the court would have approved the warrants.

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