Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More on Diebold "Voting" Machines

An Eyewitness Account of the "Harri Hursti Hack" which proved that Diebold machines should not be used in elections. Here's the truly frightening part:
"[T]he Hursti hack is individually significant because the flaw it exposed is a planned vulnerability in the system, not something that is accidentally there. It had to be PUT there (programmed) on purpose. For Diebold to claim innocence about this would be absurd. It would be like saying you didn't know your garage had a door while you were standing there holding the garage door opener."
In other words, Diebold purposely made it possible to alter election results with a small hack on a memory card. And the memory cards were available to countless election workers, thus making the security of the system nonexistent. And, because there is no voter verifiable paper trail, there is absolutely no way to determine if the votes were altered.

Paper ballots. Insist on paper ballots when you vote. If there isn't a paper trail, there isn't an election.

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