Wednesday, October 11, 2006


FilkerTom explains what taxes are for, and why Pelosi's pandering doesn't hold up.

Mandatory drug tests drive away library volunteers in Florida.

Immigration Cartoon at Reason.

One in Five Soldiers Disabled after serving. That's horrendous.

No October Surprise: the Foley scandal has been quietly gaining steam for months, according to Harpers Magazine, who were set to run a story in June but didn't have enough evidence.

Will the Democrats control Congress after the election? Extremely unlikely. has the Democrats getting 50 seats in the Senate, they need at least 51. And in the House (scroll to the bottom of the page) only 217 seats, they need at least 218. And this is at the height of Foleygate. And Republicans control the election machinery in many of the battleground states using Diebold Fraud Machines. CQPolitics has an even grimmer outlook, with Republicans favored in both the House and Senate. Even after all the lies, the illegal war, the lack of effort in hunting down actual terrorists, the huge deficit, the tax increases for everyone but the rich, even after all that people are still stupid enough to vote Republican.

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