Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Political Links Never End

213 Things Skippy Can't Do In the Army.

Debunking Wal-Mart Myths.

FilkerTom links to a desperate montage.

Speaking of desperate: Fox news falsely labels Republican Mark Foley as a Democrat. Multiple times. Update: Boing Boing also noticed.

The Washington Post claims that Republican leaders knew Florida Republican Foley was a predator and warned pages about him back in 1995. And yet they still made him chair for missing and exploited children?!?????

The Wall Street Journal Free Online explains how IMs aren't very private, and are easy to save.

If you support Bush's war, you must read this blog every day for the remainder of the war. If you support the war and don't read this blog, you are less than human.

Cheney's Thugs: violating the first and fourth amendments.

Speaking of rights being taken away: Torture and Fascism.

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