Sunday, October 15, 2006

Shrubya's SS Thugs

Here's a scary story.

A girl stupidly posts a threat against the President on her MySpace account. As soon as she realizes it's a crime, she takes it down. That was LAST SPRING. On Wednesday, the SS (Secret Service) finally got around to questioning her about it.

Fine so far, right? She was stupid, posted a threat, makes sense she should be questioned to make certain she isn't going to act on it, right?

Here's the kicker. The agents went to her home first and talked with her mother, and told her mother they would wait until the girl came home from school. Then they promptly went to the girl's school and pulled her out of class to question her. They lied to the mother and needlessly caused the child and the school extra stress.

They waited MONTHS to question the kid. And they couldn't be bothered to wait a few hours for the child to get out of school before harrassing her, not even after they told the mother they would wait?!?? The thugs LIED.

Shrubya's SS agents abused their power. They should be punished, perhaps even fired. Of course, Shrubya will probably give them medals for stopping the severe threat against his holy person.

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