Thursday, October 19, 2006

Political Links

Reward offered for proof of fraud in the last election. At least one person has already testified under oath that he was asked to hack voting machines, but that's not proof that the machines were actually hacked.

On the same topic, Wired news has an article on building a better voting machine. I'm for it. The machine they describe sounds reasonable.

Iraqi Bloggers have a Dust-Up. And RiverBend Returns.

And if you aren't reading The Sandbox, start reading it now. These are the people who are fighting and dying for us, you can at least pay attention to what they have to say.

Mercury News reports that 14,000 Hispanics in Orange County were sent a letter that claimed that immigrants cannot vote, and would be arrested if they did. The irony? The Republican campaign that sent the letter is for an immigrant candidate.

An idiot makes a terror threat.

A Washington state Supreme Court candidate told 5th-graders that he would get rid of all the Democrats when asked what he'd change about Washington.

Another view on the death of American Freedom.

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