Thursday, November 16, 2006

Freakin' Idiots!

More absentee ballot problems in King County.

Any moron could have predicted this was going to happen. See, the absentee ballots required higher than normal postage. This meant that more ballots would be dropped off at polling places instead of mailed. Which meant that a smart and on-top-of-things King County would have made sure there were enough secure bags for all the absentee ballots being dropped off. Instead, they apparently sent out the usual number, leading to overstuffed bags that couldn't be properly sealed and bags that should not be used to store absentee ballots being used to, you guessed it, store absentee ballots.

ARGH. King County Elections needs some MAJOR overhaulin' and FAST, before the next major election. To many ballots are being "misplaced" too much of the time.

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