Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Ok, so it looks like the House goes to the Democrats. That was predicted, despite Shrubya's assurances of "that's not gonna happen." (as an aside, why was he so sure it wasn't going to happen? Did he really not notice how unpopular he is? Or did he think Diebold would come through for him again?)

The Senate is much more interesting. For one thing, the pundits are saying that if the Democrats win in Montana and Virginia, then the Dems will control the Senate 51-49. But that's not true. There are two independents in the race, one who is very Dem and will no doubt work with them fine... and Lieberman. And both the independents are being counted as Dems by the pundits

Lieberman is NOT a Democrat anymore. Oh, he'll pretend to work with them so he can keep his seniority and such, but when it really counts, he'll vote with the Republicans. He's more Republican than half the Republicans in the Senate!

So what we have, if the Dems win in Montana and Virginia, is a split Senate, 50-50. This isn't going to be pretty.

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