Tuesday, November 07, 2006


What, do you think I have a crystal ball? I completely and utterly failed to predict anything during the last elections, so I'm not even going to dream of making any detailed predictions about this one. So I'll tell you what the polls say, if I'm reading them right (and I'm probably not). And if I make any predictions in the following, I'm probably wrong.

The Dems should take the House. Some polls indicate a tiny margin, most indicate that the Dems will have a solid hold on the House. I'm a pessimist, so I'll go with "tiny margin". That will hopefully be enough to get some investigations going and to temper the Neocons lust for death and spending, but I'm not counting on it.

The Senate is uncallable. It might go either way. Nobody knows. I say the GOPs will just barely hold on, or it'll be split down the middle (which keeps the real power with the GOPs). I doubt anything useful will come out of the Senate in the next two years.

Tomorrow both the Republicans and the Democrats will be touting the results, whatever they are, as a win. They will both be wrong. Our nation is so incredibly divided right now that everything is a loss. And I just don't foresee that changing soon. At the very least, Shrubya will have to be out of office before this nation can start to heal, and that's two years down the road minimum. So, no matter the results, we all lose in this election.

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