Tuesday, November 21, 2006

From The Votemaster

Quoted from electoral-vote.com:
The problems with the vote in FL-13 are not over. In Sarasota County, one of the counties in FL-13 , over 18,000 people failed to vote for Congress, yet voted for other offices. Many of the voters complained that they did vote for Congress but the review screen at the end did not show their vote for Congress. The electronic equipment used does not allow recounts, as required by Florida law. This is going to court shortly. See this article for more. Another option would be for the House to seat Vern Buchanan (R) who won by 368 votes and then expel him, forcing a special election.

Even better would be for Congress to pass a resolution stating that it will not count the electoral votes in 2008 of states whose voting equipment does not have a paper trail. That would cause an uproar, but might solve the problem once and for all by forcing states to use only voting machines with a paper trail. ATM machines provide a paper trail. It would not be hard for voting machines to print a voter-verifiable paper receipt that could be deposited in a locked ballot box in case a recount was needed.
I'm for the "even better" option. If there's no paper trail, there is no vote. So let's punish states that don't require a paper trail.

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