Thursday, September 06, 2007

Impeach Now

The GAO Report on Iraq. Conclusion? Things are getting worse. Most benchmarks weren't met. The "surge" didn't work. But watch and see how the Bushies spin it!

Nuns call for inpeachment of Bush and Cheney. I think we ought to turn the pair of criminals over to the Hague for war crimes trials, as well.

A summary of Iraqi stories. One example:
I tried to stop the bleeding but wasn't skilled enough to do it. I was losing them – they were dying in front of my eyes!

Suddenly the door was kicked in. American troops poured into the house, shouting "What the ... ..."

They came to a stunned stop.

Looking at us – at the blood – at my broken family...

They said they were sorry. They had set up an ambush for somebody and we had walked into it. They thought he had taken refuge in this house, and followed him in.

They said they were sorry, again and again. Asked if we needed first aid; help in bandaging the wounds; asked if we wanted to be taken to hospital.

Why did you shoot at us?? We had our headlights turned off as you asked, and the dome lights turned on

Why did you shoot?? Couldn't you see it was a family in the car?? Couldn't you see?

Just make way for us to get to our home, please.

And they did.

My daughter lost two fingers. My husband has a punctured lung and a steel sliver embedded in his arm, still to be seen to.
This is Bush's definition of success in Iraq. Attacking innocent families in a war zone so confused that it's nearly impossible to tell friend from foe. Four-year old girls having their fingers blown off in a case of mistaken identity. THIS IS BUSH'S IRAQ.

We lost Iraq the day that Bush and his war profiteering buddies decided they didn't need to plan for occupying Iraq. Staying in Iraq now is just denying the inevitable, and by that denial wasting the sacrifice of our troops. We should impeach Bush and Cheney, and any other member of their administration that participated in the Iraq debacle, and withdraw our troops from Iraq as quickly as feasible.

Speaking of withdrawing... Riverbend has left Iraq and fled to Syria, joining at least 2.35 million fellow Iraqis in exile.

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