Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Massive Linkdump (with rants!)

Yikes. This story is both a warning to not post personal information on the internet, and a indication that the far Right find nothing wrong with casually destroying other people's lives over petty stupidity.

Good-bye Mountains (of course, to someone who lives in Seattle, it isn't a mountain unless it's got snow on it year-round, so these are actually "hills" being destroyed, which is still very bad).

The American Taliban continues to mock itself, by once again making the comparison of the Radical Right to our enemies in terrorism too obvious to ignore.

Woman punished for registering her dog to vote. She did it to prove that identification requirements are too lax. She proved her point. Now the problem needs to be fixed. Oddly, the reports focus on the dog, not on the voting registration problems.

Wal-Mart sucks. A memorial marker.

Petraus is just another Bushie who allows Republican propaganda to be given to the troops.

Make people scared, then make them vote, and they'll always vote for the more extreme option. Republicans want all voters to be terrified, so they'll vote to continue to destroy the Constitution.

The drug war continues to attack the wrong people. Check out this map of botched raids. The war on drugs is stupid, murderous, often illegal and should be stopped. Make drugs legal and tax the heck out of them, with heavy penalties for any crimes committed while under the influence of any drug. And stop arming police officers to make war on the people they are supposed to protect.

Do you have to show ID? At least one cop thought so. "Papers, please," we're slowly becoming a fascist state.

Lucky to be Insured... ok, Not really. Even the insured can't get covered for live-saving procedures. And I'm one of the uninsured.

Never accept a phone from your employer if you intend to sneak out early.

The White House "wholeheartedly disagree" with the fact that Bush's "surprise" visit to Iraq was just another stupid photo op. But then, the White House always disagrees with the facts.

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