Sunday, September 09, 2007

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Another failure of infrastructure. More people died in the heatwave than the bridge collapse, but no one seems to be screaming about power companies needing to upgrade their systems like bridges need to be repaired. But at the root, it's the same problem. Money isn't going into maintaining what we have. The result is preventable deaths.

Do you understand where you are?

Is the lastest Bin Laden video a forgery?

Iraqi inside Iraq:
My son is a coin collector and was quite impressed and said out loud, "Mum , let's go down to the al-Rasheed tomorrow (my day off) and look up this place, the items are good and the prices are right. Let's Mum!"

"I'm sorry baby, we can't. I will take you to another shop near al-Mutanebbi, you might find similar things."

"Why, Mum? Why can't I go to this shop?"

"Because it's in the green zone baby, and you're Iraqi."

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