Thursday, June 05, 2008

On Clinton and McBush

I'm both relieved and saddened that Clinton is conceding the primary contest to Obama. I would have loved to see a female president, but Obama is someone I can actually feel good about voting for, for once. And Clinton was digging herself a mighty deep hole of mud that made me like her less and less as the primary dragged on.

I would have happily voted for Clinton, right up until she started badmouthing Obama. At which point I would've voted for her with disdain, right up until she declared that my state doesn't count because it's a caucus state. At which point I would've voted for her with disgust, right up until she started talking about assassination as a factor in the nominating process. At which point I would've had to battle my beliefs to cast a vote for her... though I would still vote for her just to try to make sure we don't get four more years of McBush.

What scares me, badly, is how many Clinton supporters claim they will vote for McBush if Clinton doesn't get the nomination. Those people apparently don't realize what party Clinton belongs to or something. Frankly, anyone who votes for McBush is either stupid or deluded. I suppose I could add "racist" to the mix, but I would include those people in "stupid" anyway.

Speaking of, Electoral Vote dot Com is back up again. It shows the most current polls on an electoral vote map so you get a nice visual representation of the stupid/deluded states (dark red).