Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Various Political Rants

This is almost enough to make me eat at McDonalds. Almost.

Fox "News" equals gullible. Seriously, if they can't even do basic fact-checking, they don't deserve to call themselves a news channel. Only an entertainment channel would run a story as poorly-sourced as that one.

McCain would continue Bush's illegal wiretapping of US citizens. He's also been caught lying about Katrina and New Orleans. But then, Republicans like liars, I guess, or we wouldn't have Bush and Cheney in the White House. The Ten Commandments don't apply to Republicans in Republican-world.

Soldiers turning to self-harm to stay out of Iraq. It's happened in every war, but it's happening more now.

How to Lobby.

"Papers, please!" 97-Year-Old woman unable to vote now thanks to voter ID laws in Arizona.