Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rants About People

Obama released his birth certificate to combat the Republican lies about him. So, when is McCain going to release HIS birth certificate (proving that he wasn't born in the US)? Did George W Bush ever have to release his? Reagan? Clinton? Nixon? JFK? Why must Obama prove he's American when no other candidate has been held to that standard? Could it be? Republicans are racist?

John McCain, Elistist Golfer. Oddly enough, the McCain site disabled commentary on their golfing items.

John McCain, Flip-Flopper. He's such a maverick, he's become a maverick from being a maverick.

John McCain, Family Man. He's so into family that he dumped his first wife, who patiently waited for him while he was a POW, because she'd been injured in a car crash. Of course, he cheated on her first with his current wife. Republican family values!

Ann Coulter, Vote Fraud Felon. This person should be behind bars.