Thursday, October 21, 2004

I Still Don't Get It

Why is the Right fussing over Kerry's respectful comment about Mary Cheney? It makes no sense whatsoever:

From all the outcry over Mr. Kerry's invocation of Ms. Cheney, with the attendant rhetoric about the evil of exploiting a candidate's "child" in a campaign, you might never guess that the child in question is not Chelsea Clinton at age 12 but a 35-year-old woman (two years older than Andrea Mackris). Or that she lives openly with her partner, Heather Poe, whom she brought onstage after the vice presidential debate. Or that she is the paid director of vice presidential operations for the Bush campaign, and that her mother is the author of a notorious potboiler ("Sisters," 1981) that drools over the prospect of lesbian coupling with O'Reilly-like glee. (For choice excerpts from Mrs. Cheney's fiction, go to ).

Emphasis mine. She's part of the campaign, has been openly gay for many, many years, and the comment Kerry made was completely respectful. Not only that, but Dick Cheney HIMSELF mentioned her orientation, and many other Rethuglicans have not only mentioned it, but condemned it. Let's not even get into what Keyes said about her. I'm surprised Dick Cheney hasn't challenged him to a duel over it, considering the reaction to John Kerry's respectful and totally on-topic remarks.

Via Mark Evanier.