Sunday, October 24, 2004

No Plans Lead To ...

So Bush went into Iraq expecting flowers to be thrown at the feet of American soldiers. As a result of this stupid belief, the Bush Administration didn't plan for securing key locations in Iraq... including the few places where explosives were known to be stored thanks to the successful UN inspections. Thanks to this utter lack of foresight, this sheer insane confidence, 350 tons of the powerful explosives THAT WE ALREADY KNEW EXISTED were stolen under the noses of the American occupation.

You wonder where the Iraqi insurgents are getting their materials for bombing? Wonder no more.

Bush's inability to allow proper planning has resulted in an unthinkable disaster, and then the Bush Administration, who knew about the thefts, hid all information about it in a vain attempt to prevent the American public from learning about it.

How can anyone support Bush? How can anyone with even a tiny shred of decency cast a vote for Bush and his corrupt and murderous administration? The answer is: you can't. Only people who are morally bankrupt or completely ignorant will be voting for Bush.