Tuesday, October 12, 2004

More Politics

Sorry about this. I can't vent on my other blog, so I'm venting here. I really don't expect anyone to read the political stuff.

Anyway, two items of note.

First is from Daily Kos. Regarding voter registration fraud: GOP firm shreds Dem voter registrations. That's right. If the party marked was "Democrat", the voter registration firm ripped up the forms so the Democrats will not be officially registered (even though they think they are) and won't be able to vote on election day. This is a sick tactic from a sick group of people, and I hope all the people behind it are punished to the full extent of the law. Since the action is a felony in Nevada, hopefully they will get punished.

The other item is the October surprise. It's apparently been sprung by Homeland Security, which is warning law enforcement of an imminent attack of 9/11 proportions. If I actually trusted the rethuglicans, I might be worried... but the thugs have shown that they are completely incompetent and only care about staying in power, not protecting the people, so I have my doubts that this is anything other than an effort to scare the populace before election day. The only false note here is that when they've raised the terror alert before, it's only led to an increase in Bush's ratings for about a week, and we've got three weeks to go before the election.

If it is real, it may well be the only thing the administration has done right since stealing the 2000 election.