Friday, October 08, 2004

Wish List 2004

So when Eric and I first got married, we had fun putting together Christmas/Birthday wishlists every Fall. Nobody ever paid attention to them except each other, but it was fun to do as well as slightly silly. I expect no one will pay attention to this one either... it's not like I'm particularly expecting any gifts this year with the economy so bad. Anyway, this is my wish list for both Christmas and for my birthday (Jan 20th) in no particular order.
  • Edgar Martinez Special DVD - this one is pretty obvious, I guess.
  • gift certificates - one size fits all, and I guarantee I'll be happy with it. If you want to pick something out instead, anything on my Amazon wish list is a good bet.
  • Other Gift Certificates - Biggies would be grocery and restaurants, so Eric and I can eat and eat out. If somebody wants to make me really happy you could go to my comic shop and get me a gift certificate there.
  • New "purse" - I'm not inclined to carry a purse, but I wear a Mariners "fanny pack" as my purse instead. The fanny pack is a giveaway from the 2001 FanFest, and it's getting a bit beat up. I would like a replacement fanny pack. I'd like one that has a front pocket that can hold my digital camera and a main pocket which can hold my wallet and other stuff. I wouldn't mind a change pocket of some sort. It's got to be sturdy, and I'd prefer it in a dark color... black or dark blue. Let me reiterate: I don't want a normal purse, I want a sturdy fanny pack.
  • Gloves - A nice pair of warm gloves for driving.
  • LEGO - yeah, it always makes the list. Any Harry Potter set, any Star Wars set, and any of the Make & Create sets.
  • Penguins - anyone who knows me knows the drill. They must be able to sit on the telly.
  • New bed. Eric and I don't get much sleep at night. A new bed might help a lot. Eric and I agree that we need a larger bed, so we want a King Size bed, although a California King would also work. We haven't had a chance to look deeply into the brands/styles of beds, but we would lean toward Tempurpedic if we could swing it. I guess we'd also need new sheets.
  • New stove. Our current stove is one of the few holdover appliances from when we bought Frankenhaus, and we really need a new one. While I put the bed at a higher priority because if we got a good bed we would both sleep better and therefore be able to get more done... a new stove would mean cooking would be a whole lot easier.

I want a very special gift for my birthday. My birthday is inauguration day. You know how my politics lean. If I get that for my birthday, I don't want any other gift at all. That's enough. Of course, the whole nation has to help get me that gift, it's not something my family can do alone. But it would be enough.