Monday, November 28, 2005

Daily Politics Dumpnote

Ug. A member of the House of Representatives pleads guilty to "conspiracy and tax charges", including taking bribes. More here. Taking bribes on defense contracts during war time... that's a pretty significant crime. The congressman, Randy "Duke" Cunningham of California, resigned after admitting his guilt. While I condemn his crimes, he's shown a lot of spine by confessing and resigning. Apparently he has also asked to serve a prison term and wants to devote the rest of his life (he's 65) to making amends.

Perhaps he can start by telling who else was getting bribes from MZM. It's clear that he wasn't the only bribed official. UPDATE: Apparently Cunningham is sincere, because he is going to cooperate in the on-going investigation. Good on him.

Death before more dishonour?

Atrios, one of the top political bloggers, claims that blogs weren't significant in the decline of mainstream media. I don't have much of an opinion, except to note that mainstream news really has gone down the toilet. You rarely see a well-researched article or TV segment anymore. It's all about ratings, and not at all about Truth.

Silly headline from Wonkette. Heh.

More insanity.

MetaFilter links to the Bush Approval Rating Map. In short, he's not doing too well in the ratings. Somehow the truth about the lies leading up to the Iraq war have gotten through to the average person, and more and more of them realize just how much Bush has screwed over this country. Years after 9/11, and the man responsible is still out there... because Bush was more concerned with going after Iraq's oil than actually fighting terrorism.

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