Friday, November 25, 2005

More Opinionated Crap

A nice round-up of the illegal challenges by GOP thug Sotelo.

If you live in King County, remember to sign the petition to get Sotelo prosecuted for her crimes.

And, yes, she committed crimes. See the law where it says: "The person filing the challenge must furnish the address at which the challenged voter actually resides." Sotelo not only didn't provide any actual addresses at all, she altered the form so it looked like she didn't have to.

In addition, she signed each form, under penalty of perjury (gross misdemeanor), and attested that she had personal knowledge of each and every challenged voter. She has made it clear during the hearings that she has NO KNOWLEDGE AT ALL about any of the voters she challenged, and she blamed the "volunteers" that gathered the information for her. But she's the one who signed those forms, and the one who should go to jail for lying.

A celebrity showed up for the challenges to argue that he has a right to privacy, and therefore a legal right to register to vote at a PO Box. Kim Thayil, of Soundgarden, believes that the law's confidentiality clause covers celebrities. We'll see if the Canvass Board agrees with him on Monday.

A woman in Denver was arrested for refusing to show ID when she wasn't legally obligated to show ID. This country is getting more and more like a bad Nazi movie "Papers, Please!" every freakin' day.

This is a Joke. It has to be. No one in their right mind would hire someone like Brown to teach disaster preparedness. His incompetence resulted in thousands of deaths. It's got to be a joke.

KansasU is rebelling against the stupidity: Intelligent Design will be taught as mythology. Via Querldox.

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