Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Poor Reading Comprehension

Wow. I usually don't get e-mail from this blog, because so few people read it. But I got a couple of interesting ones on the entry just below this. Apparently, some republican Christians think that *I* am the one calling Christians "wackos". I have to wonder if the folks who e-mailed me even bothered to actually read the entry, rather than skim it? You see, the people calling Christians "wackos" are REPUBLICAN LOBBYISTS, one of whom used to work for Tom "I am not a crook" DeLay.

For the record: I consider myself Christian, and I don't hate Christians, just stupid people. Unfortunately, there are a lot of stupid people who call themselves Christian even though they have no compassion for the poor, no desire to help their fellow humans, and absolutely no love for anyone who isn't exactly like them (which includes having plenty of money). This includes virtually any "Christian" who votes republican while the current republican leadership is in power. And the "Christian Right" are so unChristian I sometimes wonder why God doesn't strike them all down. I guess those hypocrites will get their "rewards" after death.

Also for the record: I tend to be Republican, actual Republican, in a lot of my opinions. However, the current republican leadership isn't even close to being Republican. They spend like there is no tomorrow, and start wars based on lies. They are criminals. And when you add in the dirty tricks that the local republicans pulled in today's election, I can only say that the rot in the republican party goes all the way down. I don't forsee me voting Republican again for a long time, because I doubt there will be a coup in the republican party to get rid of the neocons, and that's what it would take. Until then, I'll vote against the republican scum in the hopes that a lot of losses will lead to change.

And so: I still think that any Christian who votes for republicans right now is a moron. Of course, you can tell those folks over and over again that they are being used by the republicans, but all they will say in response is "You hate Christians!" in the finest traditional of blame the messenger.

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