Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Political Garbage

Garrett Fitzgerald reminds us why we don't allow Supertankers in Puget Sound, and urges us to help keep it that way.

John McCain, who's experience in this particular matter cannot be doubted, explains why the United States should never use torture.
"But every one of us—every single one of us—knew and took great strength from the belief that we were different from our enemies, that we were better than them, that we, if the roles were reversed, would not disgrace ourselves by committing or approving such mistreatment of them. That faith was indispensable not only to our survival, but to our attempts to return home with honor. For without our honor, our homecoming would have had little value to us."
Read it.

I'm not shrill enough to make Bill O’Reilly's enemies list, but I would be proud to be on the enemies list of a man who incites terrorists to attack the United States.

Ok, this is being reported on left-wing political blogs as having originated from right-wing political blogs. But why would chickenhawks want to suggest that Shrubya is going nuts? This story doesn't add up... chuck it in the bin.

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