Thursday, February 10, 2005


I thought you might want to see the pictures I took on my last two training walks. First up is the Library Boulder.

The plaque reads: Bothell native Tracy Ruiz-Conforto won two gold medals in synchronized swimming in singles and struck gold again in pairs with her partner, Candy Costie of Kenmore.

The Complete Book of The Summer Olympics adds some details, including the fact that her name is spelled "Tracie". Her father was Hawaiian and mother Norwegian-German... definitely an American through-and-through. The solo event, basically water ballet with a single dancer, was discontinued after 1992 and replaced with a team event. The book also says she only won two gold total, not three, since there were only two synchro events. She came back in 1988 and won Silver in the solo.

On today's walk, I felt compelled to take a picture as I walked through the Pioneer Cemetary. The colors are not as vibrant as they were in real life, unfortunately. But the image was striking to me at the time.

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