Saturday, February 12, 2005

Training Walk Pictures

I had a decent training walk today, except for pain in my right leg, which came and went, mostly came, during the walk. It was also very wet, and Eric and I got soaked during the walk. However, I took some pictures, which I thought you might like to see. If not, you can leave now.

First up is the bridge over the Sammamish Slough. The bridge was recently renovated, and new art was installed.

Once again I found proof that the river trail is a bit... fowl. These didn't appear to be ducks or chickens, though. Hmm... can we get another view?

Ok, fine, don't look at me. Whatever. Stupid bird.

This one just made me say "Well, duh. Who wants to enter a garbage bin?"

And lastly, as we headed up the hill toward home I couldn't help but notice this warning, which apparently is telling us about a dangerous supervillain on the loose. Be careful, everyone! The evil zapper is after you!

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