Monday, February 21, 2005

Training Stuff

I went out and got new Superfeet. I went to REI first, but they were out. The sales clerk suggested going to Nordstrom as they had still had some earlier. After walking around a bit and looking lost, we found a sales clerk who was able to help, and I grabbed a couple of pairs... hopefully they will last until the walk itself. I may need another pair before then, depending on how much walking I do.

While we were at REI I got a new walking pack that has room for water bottles. My current pack is great, but I really need to carry water with me, and one that can hold two bottles is perfect. I also grabbed a sample of energy bars to try out. Eric likes the Clif Bars, so I got one of those. I also got a Luna Bar and Powerbar. I'm hoping one of them really appeals to me. I'll try one on my walk today (which will be happening very soon) and the others on my next two walks.

I plan on a short walk today... I hope to make a mile. Tomorrow I'm walking with at least one friend, maybe more. We'll see. Thursday night I'll be walking with the Bouncing Betties. I also plan on swimming on Wednesday, with maybe a short walk that morning.

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