Monday, February 21, 2005

Training Walk

Ok, so I did another training walk today to see what would happen. My goal was to get down to the trestle and back, which would be between a mile and a half and two miles, if I've figured out the distance right... closer to a mile and a half. I started to feel the shin pain before I reached a half mile, but it never got as bad as it was before, which I think may mean it is healing (or that the new Superfeet are working). I didn't push it, but I kept walking, and I made it to the trestle! Slow and steady wins the race, I guess. I snapped a couple of pictures from the trestle then returned to my car on the parallel trail from Blythe Park.

All told, a bit over a mile and a half. Still nowhere near where I need to be, but better. Here's the pictures from the trestle:

This one is looking back the way I came. The bridge is part of the Sammamish River Trail.

And this one is looking towards Blythe Park, which is the left bank of the river. The right bank has some apartments, which you can just see through the trees. I think the trail and the river diverge at this point and don't meet again.

Energy Bar review: "Chocolate Brownie" Clif Bar. Not easy to open while walking, at least not so it can be eaten. Looks completely unappetizing. Gotta be one of the ugliest things I've seen in a long time. Tastes ok, nothing special. Nicely chewy, not too chewy (I'm not breaking off my teeth trying to get a bite). Too much to eat on a short walk, so I'm saving the rest for another walk. Conclusion: I could live with this.

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