Saturday, April 02, 2005


Ug. This settles it. Before we have another election in King County, the problems at the elections office MUST be fixed. I mean, another 87 absentee ballots that were never counted? This goes beyond slight incompetence into gross negligence. You expect a few mistakes, which is why the state allows for three recounts. But these new mistakes piled on the ones already found indicates a level of stupidity that cannot be tolerated in an elections office.

Of course the Rossi Rethuglicans are still pushing for a new election, but none of them have made any proposals at all to address the underlying problems. We'll never know for sure who won this governor's race, but if we fix the problems then maybe we'll know in the future. A revote at this point is the very definition is insanity: ..."doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

As long as I'm dipping into politics, let me touch on another favorite subject of bloggers and pundits. Terri Schaivo. My opinion has been that it's never been something that is/was my business, and therefore the eagerness of politicians and reporters to involve themselves in this one person's life struck me as terribly obscene. My only consolation in the whole case was that, from Terri's brainscans, it appears that she'd been effectively dead for years and therefore probably didn't care about what was happening to her body. If she'd actually still been in there, unable to properly communicate, trapped in that shell of a body, the whole thing would have been much more painful to watch.

For me, if I was in that situation, I would prefer to be pumped full of painkillers and allowed to die naturally. Starvation, whatever. If I was still awake in there, I'm just hoping the folks watching me would give me enough painkillers that I couldn't feel it. If I wasn't in there... who cares? I want to be cremated when I die, but I suppose it doesn't matter to me if someone keeps my body alive as a zombie for awhile as long as I eventually get my rest. To be honest, I'm far more worried about the people left behind. I'd hate to see Eric waste 15 years of his life on my zombie-corpse. Just let me go, already.

And one last thing: Report: Iraq intelligence 'dead wrong'. Bush lied. He lied repeatedly to start a war. All he's done is make sure his oil buddies get rich. Look at the prices at the gas stations if you don't believe it. Bush sacrificed American troops for profit, not even bothering to finish the first war he started before running off and starting a second one. Bush lied through his teeth to start the war in Iraq, rushing it through so that nobody had enough time to check his facts. When Clinton lied about his personal life, he got impeached. What, exactly, will it take to get Congress to impeach Bush? Why isn't lying to kill American soldiers enough?

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