Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Training Update

Whew! Did my 3-miler today on the treadmill. I was carefully monitoring the pain spots to see if anything flared up. For a brief time I thought maybe I was getting the pain we've been training out of me... but it subsided quickly. Maybe just normal soreness. When you are watching for something, you sometimes make it happen just by being too intent.

I'm now icing down my legs, and I think I'll need to do an ice massage (five minutes of ice on the sore areas) or contrast bath soon. Still, this doesn't hurt much, so I'm thinking positive thoughts.

After work I want to try some time on the treadmill without being taped up. I'm curious to see if the tape is doing a lot right now, or just being an extra guide for my ankle bones. We didn't tape my left leg yesterday, and it seems to be doing fine today, so maybe I'm almost to the point where I don't need the tape as much.

At work, I got some plastic counting links in bright colors. I'm making a chain on the wall of one link for each mile I've done, with each day being a single color. It's giving me a decent feeling of accomplishment, something I need right now. Maybe I'll take a picture of it sometime to share.

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