Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday Fitness Blogging

  • Weight = X-4
  • Change From Last Week: -2
  • Met Training Goals? Yes:
    • Fri = 30 min bike (goal: 30 min ct)
    • Sat = 9 miles (goal: 9 miles)
    • Sun = 6 miles (goal: 6 miles)
    • Mon = 1 mile
    • Tue = 2 miles (goal: 3 miles)
    • Wed = 1 hour swim (goal: 30 min ct)
    • Thu = 5 miles (goal: 5 miles)
    Total Miles: 23 (goal: 23 miles)
  • Current Training Goal:
    • Fri = 45 min crosstrain
    • Sat = 10 miles
    • Sun = 6 miles
    • Mon = rest
    • Tue = 4 miles
    • Wed = 30 min crosstrain
    • Thu = 5 miles

Ok, that was a surprise. Yeah, I've been waiting for it, but somehow I never thought my weight would actually drop at all. So a two pound drop is kinda nice, even if I have no way of knowing if the pounds will stay off. I keep figuring that with my starting weight, I'm bound to lose a few pounds doing The Walk.

I spread out my training walks a little this week, and it helped a little with pain management, but not entirely. My PT has a theory about the continuing pain, since it's not the same as the "stopping pain" I had earlier, but it's in the same place. We're trying some exercises to see if we can deal with the nerves involved. I also noted that when I did my five miles yesterday, there was a lot of pain in the first two miles, but it went away completely for the last three. Again, same place as the earlier pain, but not the same kind of pain.

Still trying to reach my fundraising goal for the 3-Day. I'm getting closer... only a bit over $1100 to go. I need, oh, 78 people to give $15... or 47 people to give $25... 24 people to give $50... hey, I learned a lot from volunteering at the PBS pledge drives, ok? Break the problem down into smaller units, and people aren't so overwhelmed by it, myself included.

Since last time, I got a donation from Brian McClenahen, and two more that are winging their way through the US Postal Service and won't register on the site for a few more days/weeks. I also got an e-mail from the 3-Day coach with the donation deadlines... "Mailed-in donations must be postmarked by June 14th to ensure they are posted to your account before the walk. Online donations should be made by July 7th." So if you intend to donate, please keep the dates in mind.

Please Donate

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