Sunday, May 01, 2005

Training Update

Oh my... I finished my first 10-miler today!

I also got my first blister!

Ahem. Today's walk was meant to be just ten miles. I decided to warm up with a couple of miles on the treadmill. That went really well, so I decided to walk down to the trail and get the rest of the miles outside by walking from our house to the thirteenth milepost and back.

Two interesting moments happened on the way to the thirteenth milepost. The first was just after the tenth milepost, while I was crossing the bridge. A cyclist zoomed up behind me, then tried to take the really sharp turn at the end of the bridge too fast. He didn't make it. He went down and slid off the trail into the bushes, scraping his bike's gears and his hand and knee as he went. I asked him if he was ok, but he shrugged off help and moved along.

The other moment was as I was passing the Wayne Golf Course. A golf ball came flying out to the trail, and bounced right in front of me. I was startled, and looked around, but nobody else noticed it. I picked it up, walked over to the fence and called, but nobody responded. I eventually put the thing in my bag, I'm not sure why, and walked on. I still have it. I wasn't sure how to return it when nobody came up to claim it.

The thirteenth milepost, as it turns out, is just on the far side of Log Boom Park. There was a bathroom and fresh water, which were needed about then. There was also a line. Lots and lots of cyclists waiting and resting.

Once I got to the thirteenth milepost, I realized I was feeling pretty good and so I decided to continue on to the fourteenth milepost. I made it without too much difficulty, then audioblogged about it.

It took me longer to get home than it did to go out, but I made it. A total of twelve miles, counting the treadmill miles. I felt pretty good most of the way, until my right leg began to cramp a bit. I didn't notice the blister until I got home, though.

So, twelve miles today, and hopefully I can manage another six tomorrow.

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