Thursday, May 05, 2005

Countdown - Eleven Weeks of Training Left

The blister bandages that Band-Aid makes are GREAT. I highly recommend them. It didn't completely remove the pain, but it's made it tolerable and it's also made it so I don't feel like I have to check my foot every mile or so to make sure it's still intact. I'm definitely going to have a couple of them in my pack during The Walk itself.

I did all my walks this week, and outdid myself on a couple of them. I also have been trying to get a little walk in each day regardless, and I've almost managed that.

When I put on my walking pack the other day, I had to tighten the belt quite a bit. I think I'm losing inches around my waist, even if the pounds aren't dropping. It was a good feeling. And a little shocking too. I've never had it tightened that far. Weigh in tomorrow morning is going to be interesting.

The 3-Day has formed a team for the Seattle Race for the Cure 5K on June 4th. I'm thinking about doing it, but the $25 entry fee is making me hesitate. I'm not sure we can quite cover it. The race itself though... 5K is nothing. My shortest training walks are now longer than that.

Not much else to say. I'm making geniune forward progress on a daily basis. I just need more donations to actually make it into The Walk. I'm still brainstorming for ideas on how to raise a bit more money. My drawing has been met with deafening silence. I'm going to have to come up with another plan here soon.

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