Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday Fitness Blogging

  • Weight = X-2
  • Change From Last Week: +2
  • Met Training Goals? Yes:
    • Fri = Rest (goal: 45 min ct)
    • Sat = 45 min bike, 1/2 mile (goal: 10 miles)
    • Sun = 12 miles (goal: 6 miles)
    • Mon = 6 miles
    • Tue = 4 miles (goal: 4 miles)
    • Wed = 30 min bike, 1 mile (goal: 30 min ct)
    • Thu = 5 miles (goal: 5 miles)
    Total Miles: 28 1/2 miles (goal: 25 miles)
  • Current Training Goal:
    • Fri = 45 min crosstrain
    • Sat = rest
    • Sun = 11 miles
    • Mon = 7 miles
    • Tue = 4 miles
    • Wed = 30 min crosstrain
    • Thu = 5 miles

Easy come, easy go? Or maybe the other "weigh" around? Eh, I know I'm losing inches around my waist, so the fact that the pounds came back doesn't bother me as much. I won't pretend it doesn't bother me, but it doesn't bother me as much...

I outdid myself this week, and most of it was on the Sunday walk in which I went one milepost farther than I intended to. I still plan on short walks on days the schedule doesn't call for walks, as that seems to help the leg pain, which should mean that my mileage will be consistently above my goals. I hope. Only time will tell.

And so today I move into week eleven until The Walk. Still only halfway there with my fundraising. My brainstorming has produced nothing so far. I hate asking people for money. If I never do this walk again, that will be the reason, not the walking itself. I'm getting to enjoy the walking. But raising money isn't something I do well. So, hey, if you know any rich people, ask them to donate for me. $1000 ought to do it...

Please Donate

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