Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday Fitness Blogging

  • Weight = X-4
  • Change From Last Week: -2
  • Met Training Goals? Not quite:
    • Fri = 1 mile (goal: 45 min ct)
    • Sat = Sick
    • Sun = 10 miles (goal: 11 miles)
    • Mon = 7 miles (goal: 7 miles)
    • Tue = 4 miles (goal: 4 miles)
    • Wed = 2 miles, 1 hour swim (goal: 30 min ct)
    • Thu = 5 miles (goal: 5 miles)
    Total Miles: 29 miles (goal: 27 miles)
  • Current Training Goal:
    • Fri = 45 min crosstrain
    • Sat = rest
    • Sun = 12 miles
    • Mon = 8 miles
    • Tue = 4 miles
    • Wed = 30 min crosstrain
    • Thu = 5 miles

My weight is yo-yo-ing again. Up two pounds, down two pounds... I should just ignore the weight and focus on how I feel, but I really want to lose some of the extra "food storage" I'm packing around with me all the time.

I didn't quite make my exercise goal this week, as I missed a day of crosstraining due to not feeling well. I'm a little concerned about this week as well, as I've got a new problem with my right ankle that's been getting steadily worse. It's not impossible to live with yet, but I'm worried. It feels like something is out of place down there, and it hurts quite a bit, usually right after I've finished a walk. During the walk it's bearable, but sometimes reminds me that it hurts. If it continues through this next week, I'm going to have to see the podiatrist again.

Ten weeks to go. Just 70 days until The Walk. It's creeping ever closer. I hope I can make it.

Nothing new to report on the fundraising front. I haven't gotten any rich person to finish donating the minimum, and my drawing has met with little interest. I'm still brainstorming new funraising efforts, but I'm really bad at asking people for money, even when it is for a good cause.

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