Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Hey, check out my latest review!

The nice thing about showing a movie when you are substituting is that you can do somethng else while the kids are watching. So last week, during a showing of Apollo 13 in a physics class, I wrote a review for my website. Now, the wonderful thing about this is that this is an item that I would have gladly paid for, if given the opportunity (it's part of a set that you subscribe to). I e-mailed the right people asking about purchasing just this item -- and they offered to send me one for free if I'd publicize it on my site! Well, I've never turned down a free Oz item yet...

So if you want to find out what this mystery item is and what I thought of it, take a look here (it's the review at the top -- which makes sense, as it is the most recent item I reviewed).

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