Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Training Walk

Whew. First training walk since I was told to stay off my feet last week. Only a mile, down to the post office, loop around downtown a bit, then home, but wow I can feel it. The ankle twinged when I speeded up a bit across a crosswalk, but otherwise felt fine. The other muscle pains never showed.

I learned two things.

1) I don't need or want to wear long pants while walking anymore. Even on days that look cool, it's pretty warm outside. I need to wear shorts, or I'll end up sweating buckets. With that in mind, I need to score a couple more pairs of shorts soon. Don't know where I'll get them, but I'll think of something.

2) Even on really short walks, I need to take some water or gatorade along. Again, it looked cool outside, but it's really quite warm for walking. Before I even got as far as the Post Office I needed a drink.

Still, it wasn't a hard walk, just a bit "creaky" from my lack of walking in the last week. I could have gone farther if I wasn't so hot from my pants and lack of liquids. So I'll consider it a success. I don't have time to walk anymore today, but I'll try a longer walk tomorrow.

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