Thursday, May 12, 2005

Training Update

Five miles and a PT appointment today. I got most of my walking in before I even went to the PT. All treadmill today, although I'm itching to get back out on the trail. I needed tape again today, but on a different muscle. I'm to the point where all the new pains are tiny and irrelevant for the most part. I'm making progress!

If all goes well, I plan on Sunday's walk (12 miles scheduled) being a walk down the Burke-Gilman trail as far as I can manage to walk, with Eric picking me up whenever I reach the end of the line. I'd like to see if the mileposts continue all the way down the trail.

Thanks to a discussion about lengths of measurement on the Girl Genius mailing list, I'm suddenly wondering how far I've walked in other units. How much is 5 miles in Smoot marks? In versts? In porokusema? In parasangs? In stenkast? Heh. Too much fun.

Still only halfway done with the fundraising. I keep getting minor panic attacks, thinking there's no way I'm going to make the minimum. Both Eric and my PT told me to stop worrying about the money and keep exercising, so I'm going to try to be good... but raising $1000 in just two months is daunting.

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