Sunday, November 14, 2004

Annoying Politics Post

I'd been avoiding politics for awhile, getting over the bitter knowledge that half the people who chose to vote are in favor of torturing innocents and spitting on the constitution, as indicated by the winner of the election... a man who thinks laws don't apply to him, was responsible for Abu Ghraib, and favors taking away even more rights from US citizens. I firmly believe that people who voted for Dubya are either completely ignorant of what Dubya really stands for, or are self-serving idiots.

Anyway, I was reminded of politics by a self-righteous torture-supporter who decided to apparently make a Blogger ID just to harass me. What a complete dope! What an utter moron! Does anyone really think that they can change my mind by spamming my comments?

Since this person clearly wants me to respond, I will go against my usual policy of not feeding the trolls with some political commentary. All of those people who aren't idiots because they didn't vote for Bush, or voted for Bush out of ignorance instead of sheer evil, can just skip this entry.

First off, I will NEVER apologize for my opinion. I'm entitled to my opinion, and if you don't want to read my opinion, you don't have to come to my blog. I don't force my opinion on other people by spamming their comments. I don't harass people through e-mail. I've kept my opinions on my blog, and even further removed them from the public eye by moving them to this blog, which isn't as well-read as my other.

The person who is harassing me has decided to do so anonymously. This person has come to my blog repeatedly, and posted comments on blog entries that had absolutely NOTHING to do with politics. Instead of writing his/its/her opinions on his/its/her own blog, this person has choosen to come to mine and force me to read his/its/her vile language and stupidity. I have news for you, scumbag, I don't CARE about your opinion. I might have, once upon a time, if you'd presented it politely, logically, and with a real name to go with it instead of nastily and anonymously. But now? No. All you've done is confirmed what I thought of many people who voted for Bush. All you've done is made me hate your kind (Rethuglicans) even more. You're a self-righteous idiot, and I hope that you suffer dearly under Dubya's thumb, since you asked for it.

Now, a couple more thoughts on politics:

Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism, 14 of which match Rovian politics. So maybe I should be calling Dubya fans Fascists instead of scumbag idiots? For the record, I don't think America is becoming Fascist, yet. I think we're definitely on that road, though, and anyone who continues to support Bush knowing what he's done might as well call themselves Fascists.

The Problem With Electronic Voting Machines by Bruce Schneier.

Walking the walk on family values... guess what state has the lowest divorce rate? Massachusetts, that horrible liberal state. Oddly enough, most of the "red states" are full of hypocrites who claim to be moral but when pressed turn out to not even come close to living up to the standards they hold the rest of the world to. See, they are completely "do as I say, not as I do" like Rush Limbaugh the drug addict.

Dubya is going to purge the CIA. Is he getting rid of people who gave him bad advice and wrong information on Iraq? No! He's getting rid of anyone not loyal to him. Is that the actions of a democratically elected official? Tell me again, are you stupid enough to believe Dubya?

Lastly, I've turned off comments again. This is to keep the troll from bothering me. You see, I don't want to hear from it. I'm not interested in the opinions of a torture-supporting pendejo. To the troll: Since you can't take a hint, I'll tell you flat out: Go away. Leave me alone. I think you are stupid and sick in the head, and I will ALWAYS believe that. You aren't even brave enough to use your name. You're just another hypocrite. Go Cheney yourself.