Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My Prediction

I still think I was right. I think Kerry won the election. Not by the landslide I thought, but by a decent margin. I'd love to compare the exit polls with the final votes in the counties that vote with Diebold machines. I firmly believe that Rove stole this election, and I really hope verifiable proof turns up someday. I don't expect it will happen in the next four years, but I hope to see Rove thrown in prison as the traitor he is before I die.

As for Bush, the best I can hope for now is that he will choke on his own ego before he does any more serious damage. I'm not confident in that. In any case, Bush will never be president in my eyes, if for nothing else than for the horrors of Abu Ghraib that Bush not only approved of, but made possible by his actions. In my opinion, any person who voted for Bush voted for Abu Ghraib. Anyone who voted for Bush this year is an accomplice to prison torture.

And I hope the young'uns enjoy the draft. I know that if I'm called to wage Bush's war, I won't go. I don't believe in wars based on lies. If he wants to draft me to actually go after real terrorists, that's one thing, but to go invade an unrelated country? No way. I will never take up arms for a madman like Bush. And anyone who chooses to join the military now, knowing that Bush is a scumbag traitor, is also scum. Wait until the madman is gone, then join up.