Saturday, November 13, 2004

Training Walk Report #5/Orientation

I didn't get much of a walk in today because the cold is still getting me down. I walked down to the library for the Orientation meeting, then came home, and that was about it. I got 3055 steps on the pedometer, so about a mile and a half total. I also helped put chairs away, which we joked would count as part of my crosstraining.

During the short walk, I hit four of the boulders on the Town-Gown Loop, and took a picture of the one at 102nd and 183rd, which is actually the same boulder you see in my third training report.

The plaque reads: Every Christmas season from the 1930's through the 1970's an immense fir tree at the corner of main street and 102nd Avenue NE glowed with lights strung by community groups. The December, 1962 issue of Life Magazine recognized the 112 foot tall, nine foot diameter fir as "The World's Largest Living Christmas Tree." Disease attacked the tree in the late 70's, and the top section had to be removed. The image is of the Lion/Cougar that represents Bothell tangled up in Christmas lights.

The Orientation was a bit of a disappointment, as I had heard most of the news and information from Eric already. There were some new bits, like the level of commitment needed from the Crew, and the ratios of donations that actually go to the Cancer foundations. They also made it absolutely clear that all donations are tax deductible. In fact, if somebody donates this year, then donates again next year, they can get two years of deductions out of the one walk. There was a lot on fundraising, and people's worries about getting enough money.

For the record, at least 70% of what get raised goes directly into Cancer research, the minimum amount to raise is the level at which it goes to 30/70, with the 30% needed to support the walk itself. If I raise more, the ratio will get better and more money will go to Cancer research. The ratio can only get better.

Well, much more to do... I need to concentrate on getting healthy now.