Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Seattle Sports

I don't normally watch Basketball. I have almost no interest in the Seattle Supersonics, except that they are a Seattle sports team. But I didn't want to watch regular TV tonight, and the fact that a Sonics game was perfect for background noise while I worked on my Aquaman website convinced me. So I've been watching the Sonics and the Denver team go at it. And having flashbacks to timing JV basketball in High School.

I thought the Sonics were really bad this year, as I've even heard people saying the coach was in danger of losing his job, only three games into the season. I looked up Seattle's record to figure out why, and still couldn't see it, as the Sonics are 2-1. And they seem to be handling the Nuggets ok. I finally thought to look at their pre-season record, which was awful. I thought the pre-season didn't matter, but that's the only reason I can see for people making a fuss about how bad they are.

You want a Seattle team that's doing well this year, though, check out the Thunderbirds. They've only lost four games out of sixteen so far this season. Not bad at all.

And, despite their three-game trip up, the Seahawks aren't doing all that badly, either. Halfway through the season and they've got a five and three record. Nothing to sneeze at.

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Eric said...

Hey, what about the other local hockey team, the Everett Silvertips? Granted, after making it to the league championship series last season in their first year of existence, they almost have nowhere to go but down, but they are a local team. Heck, if we could afford to go to a hockey game, it would just about be easier for us to go to a 'Tips game than a T-Birds one. And if we were to go to a Seattle-at-Everett game...