Monday, November 08, 2004

Walk Update

No real training today, although I went down and did my usual Monday night swim. I took it easy during the swim, and ended up floating more than actually swimming, so I'll probably have to get in a good exercise bike ride this week, too. I'm going to try out my new three mile route tomorrow... morning or afternoon depending on work schedule. I'm going to use my cheapie pedometer again and hopefully will get a good idea of how far I actually travel.

The big news is that I got a donation! My friend and fellow comic book fan Elayne Riggs is the first one to actually register a donation at my donation site. THANK YOU, Elayne! That got me fired up for this week's walks. I went from wondering if I could actually make the minimum to raring to go out and do this.

Ok, more tomorrow after I get a walk in. I'll try to get a picture of something other than a fowl.