Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Training Schedule - Thinking It Out

The suggested training schedule for the first week is a bit grueling for someone like me, but the suggestions seem overall sensible.

Monday is always listed as a rest day, which might work for me. I do plan on continuing my Monday swims, though, so I have to consider those. The swims are generally not high impact, but they might replace one of the "cross training" days.

Tuesday is listed as an "easy walk" day, topping out in the later weeks at 6 miles, and never going below 3 miles. I'll have to work up to 3 miles, but I've got a few weeks to do that. One mile today wasn't a big effort, and if it hadn't have been getting dark I might have managed another mile. The river park is at the 9 1/2 milepost on the trail, so if I went in either direction to the next milepost and back, that's two miles (from home and back). That will definitely be my next goal.

Wednesday is listed as "Moderate Crosstrain", starting at zero minutes for the first four weeks (making it a second restday) then gradually working up to 45 minutes. I'm thinking "exercise bike" for Wednesday. I could also do the Wednesday swim, depending on what happens.

Thursday is listed as "Moderate Walk", and again has the three mile minimum.

Friday is another Crosstraining day, this one going from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. More exercise bike, unless I switch it with the Monday swim.

Saturday and Sunday are the big walking days, with distances topping out at 30+ miles for the weekend. Four weeks before The Walk, I should be able to manage two back-to-back 15 miles days, according to the chart.

For this week... I'm not sure what I should do. Today's walk was nice and mild, and maybe I should just plan on duplicating it tomorrow. Or, if Eric wants to get into the act, I can bike tomorrow, then walk with Eric on Friday. I don't think I'll try to fit into the regular suggested schedule until next Monday. All of this could change if I find another Bothell walker who wants to join me, or if I learn something important at the orientation meeting Saturday next.