Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Training Walk Report #7

The cold is nearly gone, and if I was smart I wouldn't go out for a walk today. But hey, I'm in training, and a short walk can't hurt much, can it? Don't answer that.

I went 3544 steps, down to the library and back. Nothing special, nothing hard. A bit over a mile and a half. I feel absolutely awful. Hopefully some hot cocoa, water, and rest will fix it, but I can't believe how bad I feel right now.

Anyway, mission accomplished, and here's today's rainy picture. This is the boulder at 183rd and SR 527, also known as the corner by the Ricketts building.

The plaque reads: Bothell High School's first State Championship came in 1927, when the boys basketball team upset highly favored Yakima. The whole town celebrated the feisty cougars' victory, continuously ringing the school bell (which now hangs at the Park at Bothell Landing) and dancing around a roaring bonfire.

Not much more to say to that one, except that I'm really thinking the animal representing Bothell is a cougar, not a lion. After all, it doesn't have a mane.

On the donation front... nothing new. I need to start making some serious efforts, but I don't like asking for money. I just have to remind myself that it's not for me, it's for breast cancer research. And anyone can get breast cancer.

If you feel like helping out, visit my donation inspiration page to put your money where my feet are.